Postdoc research associate position available

Post Doc in the Department of Mechanical, Aerospace & Biomedical Engineering. Temporary Position Available Immediately and Open until Filled.

Seeking an exceptionally qualified candidate with expertise in laser diagnostics, plasma diagnostics, data processing, and parameter analysis.

Provides support for externally funded research projects aimed at developing plasma diagnostic tools. The project entails using advanced laser diagnostic tools to quantify plasma parameters, including electron temperature and electron number density. Analysis will include detailed parameter analysis for the plasma and reactive flows. The projects may require the post- doc to mentor and assist undergraduate and graduate student research assistants.

Position is immediately available, and requires excellent technical capabilities, strong interpersonal skills to facilitate engagement with a diverse group of collaborators, sponsors and students, and the ability to execute multiple projects in parallel. The position is for a limited- duration period of 12 months with an option to extend the initial appointment. Specific duties include:

  • Will plan and perform laser diagnostics for plasmas
  • Active participation in: 1) weekly group meetings; 2) weekly project discussions; 3) monthly project phone calls with collaborators; 4) preparation of monthly reports.
  • Keep detailed records, documentation of procedures, presentation of data, and clear communication of results.
  • Thoroughly review scientific literature, understand project goals, and develop ideas to meet milestones and new proposals.
  • Identify publishing targets, outline questions/objectives, plan analysis, and draft manuscript(s).
  • Be a team player. Help others learn and learn from others. Mentor less experienced researchers.
  • Provide prompt/thorough communication to PI, group members, and department staff.
  • Meticulously abide by all UTK laboratory safety protocols, help maintain lab equipment, computers, and facilities.

Salary is competitive with similar positions in national laboratories / industry and will be

commensurate with the requirements of the position and the applicant’s experience. Tennessee has no state income tax and a moderately-low cost-of-living,


PhD in Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, or related field.

Potential candidates must attach the following documents to : (1) an introductory letter, (2) a Curriculum Vitae, (3) a short statement of professional interests & future goals, and (4) the contact information for three references.