Our group presented 3 papers in AIAA SciTech at Orlando

Cary, Walker, Zichen, and Zhili attended the conference. Details can be found in the publication section.

We officially received the Walter Lempert best paper award for the FOV extension!

Cary won unofficial AMT best student one-minute presentation.

1.Walker McCord, Cary Smith, Mark Gragston and Zhili Zhang, “Two-phase Multiplexed Structured Image Capture“, AIAA 2020-1974.

2. Zichen He, Nathan Williamson, Cary Smith, Mark Gragston and Zhili Zhang, “Single-Shot Detection of 2-D Chemiluminescence Emissions by Compressed Hyperspectral Imaging“, AIAA 2020-0524.

3. Zhili Zhang, Cary Smith, Theodore Biewer, Mark Gragston, Naibo Jiang, Paul S. Hsu, Josef Felver and Sukesh Roy, “Application of a Pulse-Burst Laser for 10 kHz Thomson Scattering“, AIAA 2020-1744.

Walter Lempert Award
Cary won best AMT one-minute presentation.
Walker was giving his presentation about 2pAC-MUSIC
Cary was giving his presentation.
Zichen was giving his presentation.